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Project: Mad-Oil by MstJuan - Mod Contest 2009 Completed


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Progress on work:

The fridge door in here i will be housing the HD i will be using one or two i still don't know but the door takes two. I am also planing to install four fans two inflow of 80mm each and two out flow of 92mm each plus i also used two Alloy ( alumina and manganese ) heat sinks so to cool more the hard drive

Out side ( still a lot to do to make it nice).


Inside part with out the drive everything will be secured batter since for now i just fixed everything with hot glue to see the measurements.


Al so i have been working on the front part of the fridge it' self there will be the rest of the components.

I will be using white pvc to hold the perspex in between. at the bottom you will see a piece of plastic that represents the inner pvc that will act like a fails floor to make everything suspended.


Here i was thinking of making the main board and i just placed in place for measurement purposes only.


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Check your first photo, it got lost somehow. Also I would suggest you step back for a final photo of each step to get a better idea of what you are doing which to me, is quite amazing.

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Not exactly, I meant taken a little further away so that we can see the whole idea within your case, not just the mod itself. That way everyone can further and completely appreciate your tough decisions and how you solved them. The detail is fine but you really have to stretch your imagination a bit to really understand what your doing-thus, like I mentioned, a pic of what you managed to do as a final step. (does it sound confusing?).


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