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CypriUm - TUWLC (CM '09 Modding Contest Entry)


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Very awesome design and pipework!

Brilliant idea with copper pipes integrated to the water cooling system!

Thank you!!!

After 2 months of planning I could make it possible was hard but I manage to make it!

a mod that not everybody can do! very great concept using your chassis as your loop, pricey mod, but it's all worth it!!!! keep it up, i can see this to be one of the contender in your division=)

:D jeje even I have my doubt... lot of leaking test and pipe settings...!!!

Thanks man!

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Probably you'll be the first person i'll check about water cooling!!!

Masbuskado :cheers::cheers::cheers:

up for you.

hope to see you around even after this contest!!!

Thanks man!!!

Yeah I'll be here posting my work... I like to be in touch with the community... specially if they are case modders... :D

But you can always get back to me at my website... we also have a Case Mod Comp going on every one is free to join! :mrgreen:

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Yes Masbuskado, I'll will always be intouch with everybody for sure... I am keeping site and email for future references.

As my first exposure to an online modding competition (and even never was on modding contest locally), I didn't expect that all are like friends way before this started...

there was friendship all over the place (of which I thought was in reverse).

for you thanks bro, and more power!

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yes we case modder tend to be more friendly than usual... could be that all of us speak the same language "moddish" jeje

will be glad to keep in touch with you and other modder we can help each other a lot... :D

if you need my contact info you PM me... 8)

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