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Reventon Sileo 500 (2009 Mod Contest Entry) Completed

Cham_E_Lyon TPC

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petoscal on Wed Sep 30, 2009 6:25 am

I like that ALL the computer has the same color scheme, the MOBO, all the inside, and all the Led mod is great, I'll have to try it some time, specially the dominator memory cooler, and the Hard drive,

It's nice to hear you like the idea!

Congrats for the AWESOME mod that you did!

Thanks Petoscal!

I always tough that the harddrive can't be opened because it was sealed for not enter particules to the drive, :oops:
hi, a question .. the hard disk continues to function after open?

Yeah the HDD It was working fine the day we made that mod but today it died on me!

(You know, the Ziploc bag technique to avoid particles from penetrating the mechanical area but it's too risky just like what happened to mine)

So I put another SATA HDD and the defective one will just be for display purposes!

Good luck to all the participants!

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nice vents in the sidescoops sir cham!

I almost forgot about the ventholes! just got lucky I stumbled upon the scrap, a Cosmos 1000 Door Acrylic lying around!

how did you manage to change the musketeers and kama bays to blue?

Searched in google then voila, problem solved!

It's the FDD bay LED switch which controls the color of the display in the Musketeer V2!

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