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Reventon Sileo 500 (2009 Mod Contest Entry) Completed

Cham_E_Lyon TPC

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Cham_E_Lyon TPC i feel sorry for you guys in the Philippines bad wather this weekend thunderstorms also in Thailand too i'm just happy i'm done but its coming along nice bro

Yeah nicky bro!

Another storm ravaging the archipelago since yesterday afternoon!

Too many caualties as of this moment!

Some are still waiting for rescue teams to get them while waiting atop there roofs!

But I'm sure I can make it this time cause my mod is almost finished!

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Red rouge, I had seen it but didn't know what it was for. Now I do. Thanks! Just used sandpaper then car polish the old way.

I hope Ketsana does not affect you. I hate modding during a cyclone/hurricane! Lots of luck on this unfortunate weather.

Cheers and Saludos

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