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Reventon Sileo 500 (2009 Mod Contest Entry) Completed

Cham_E_Lyon TPC

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I know it really show bro :D keep it coming 8)

Yeah big bro nicky_82uk!

Just too much accidents and errors when cramming!

Thrice the louvre vents were broken last night while on a rush to do as much as I can!


Great job!

Looks like you already have power up the engine!

So show us some more pictures!

Yes sir i already revved it up but without the body!


Excellent work on the heat sink, it will call a lot of attention to the mobo for sure. Did not mean to post much anywhere (trying to finish as best I can) but I just had to mention this. Kudos!

Somebody asked why i used a Blue PCB mobo instead of a Black PCB (for uniformity)!

Too bad it's the only spare mobo/proc i have!

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