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Reventon Sileo 500 (2009 Mod Contest Entry) Completed

Cham_E_Lyon TPC

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PaPang wrote on Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:33 am

Red rouge, I had seen it but didn't know what it was for. Now I do. Thanks! Just used sandpaper then car polish the old way.

I hope Ketsana does not affect you. I hate modding during a cyclone/hurricane! Lots of luck on this unfortunate weather.

Yes PaPang, red rouge is what i use to polish acrylic and i heard it is the same material, jewelers and Copper makers used to buff their products to high gloss!

Yes I'm glad we (sunny and I) were spared from the wrath of Ketsana!

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I like that ALL the computer has the same color scheme, the MOBO, all the inside, and all the Led mod is great, I'll have to try it some time, specially the dominator memory cooler, and the Hard drive, I always tough that the harddrive can't be opened because it was sealed for not enter particules to the drive, :oops:

Congrats for the AWESOME mod that you did!!!


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