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Scratch Build : L3p D3sk - Small update :P 15-7

Peter Brands

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Your build has completely inspired me, I have already spent countless hours on sketchup designing my own version. The possibilities with this set up are endless. I don't have a very massive budget but I will try to post what I come up with when finished.

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first of all.. WOW! very very nice desk! really impressive!

would it be possible to re-upload the pictures from the desk will building? Because it seems I cannot see these pictures, only the once where the desk is totally finished!

I'm really interested in the pictures of the progress of the build.

If you could re-upload? (Or maybe I'm doing something wrong? :-)) that would be awesome!

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Thanks man !

If anyone wants to see the all the 800+ buildlog photos or the photoshoot, i also uploaded them here until my host goes up again.

Tweakers.net buildlog Buildlog Photo Album

Facebook Buildlog Photo Album


Tweakers.net Photoshoot pictures

Facebook Photoshoot pictures

Here's a small update about my plans :)

This summer I will continue with a custom reservoir in D3sk.

It'll be located in the middle of my desk, below my keyboard.

I'll do this later because I had just had it with the desk for now :P

I do have been busy with planning the next build.

This time not a scratch build but a casemod, especially to visit lanparty's.

So more on that later in a new buildlog:)

My Site + photos from the build logs http://www.l3p.nl are still not working.

There are still so many requests that 3 servers till now couldn't hold it

Some gentlemen of Tweakers.net are now looking what they can do.

(Thanks Bo, zeef and Kees!)

This week i tested the controller that I would use for the 2 Laing D5 pumps.

On one way or another, it doesn't adjust the speed as I wanted it, with 2 Bulgin momentary switches in 8 increments from 0% to 100%.

Later that evening I tried it with 120mm fans and it worked perfect.

The LED in the Bulgin even dims along with the fan speed. (Although this is difficult to see in the movie)

So I think i will use it with the 8x120mm fans in the desk that are now running at 5V, but then @ 12V with 2 Bulgin switches do arrange 0% -100% in 8 steps.

The two extra buttons will be placed just next to the power, reset button and lights button, so five in a row.

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Thanks for posting the pictures! very very nice work you did with that d3sk :-)

Very impressive!

Can't wait till your site gets back up, because I guess you have a written log there too? :-)

Would really like to read it!

On tweakers.net I saw that you have 3x 60GB SSD and 1x 120GB SSD, do you mind me asking why that is?

I guess you use 1 of those 60GB SSDs for your OS? but what do you use the rest for?

You're mod really makes me wanna do something like this :-) To bad I'm not that handy ^_^

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Nah the written logs are only on the forums listed on the page :)

You'll see it coming back online this week.

About the storage in d3sk.

This is my current setup


120 GB

Windows 7

1 x 120GB Intel 510

onboard Marvell Sata600 controller


10 TB


6 x 2TB Hitachi raid5

Highpoint3560 2GB Cache


180 GB

Games / Uncomplete Downloads

3 x Corsair F60 raid0

Highpoint3560 2GB Cache



Extra Backup

1 x 250GB Fujitsu 2.5"

Highpoint3560 2GB Cache

I say just try it Maieu_san !

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  • 3 weeks later...

My own site is finally up again, so all the pictures are available in the buildlog again :P

I'm also very proud of being ROTM @ Guru3D.com !

Some small changes i did the last few weeks on the desk.

Made the ROG logo more visible with an "acid green" look.


Also used EK thermal pads for the HDD's, not for the cooling but for the resonance.

It's even more quiet then in the video now.


This summer further on with the custom reservoir in the middle of the desk.

At this moment im busy with my new build 'L3p L4n' specially for the lans im attending next year.


Cya ! :mrgreen:

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