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SERAPH (scratch build )


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I really like your work seriously, the old school is the best.

the cnc do, what you should do. It is best to do it yourself, it is more work but much more rewarding compared to the fact by a machine.

a lot of dedication and time.

Translated by google translator:)

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Why thank you Master Kitson! My modest project in the last contest did not turn as many heads as yours now. I am still trying to dream up that mod yet, hehe. One of my "weaknesses" is that I am a relative late starter in modding only having done serious projects in the last couple of years and as such, still seek to learn and look for sources of inspiration. I too, may be the eldest modder in the world (really! well maybe), but here at CM, I definitely am the oldest yet and am a proud member of the "CMSCMC" (Cooler Master Senior Citizens Modding Club), one of the most exclusive sections here. You just have to be over 50 to become a member---and I am not kidding! I am the oldest member but not the President who is Slipperyskip by majority vote.

What I do consider myself is a seeker of new modding icons, shining examples to follow and emulate for my home forum in Mexico. Modding in Mexico? Don't fret, there is not much to speak of, hehe. Most is in the screwdriver level and it is still frightening to grab a spray can to paint their expensive CM cases. That is why I consider it necessary to look for inspiration outside of our country and to compete in order to improve. If not, the level will not improve or improve very little. It is funny but my forum is the only one to promote that philosophy in Mexico.

I consider you to be one of the new values on a world-wide level (IMO-in my opinion), made possible by this great contest that unites modders from around the globe (great!). Thus I would ask you one of two things: to add more information of yourself in the Introduction: what you do, how long you have been modding, age (if you want), etc., and where we can see more of your works (home forum, site or blog). A good example is Asphiax who did a very complete introduction before his worklog, OR a PM if your modesty or sense of privateness (I respect that) does not let you. Thanks for your considerations.

Cheers and Saludos

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