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Cooler Master 2012 Case & Cooler Mod Contest Begins NOW!!!

CM Ray

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Hey CM, Great to see this contest back again !!!

One small question ...

What is a Cooler Mod?

Only CM hardware ?

Built by CM employees ?

or ... ???

I'm fairly sure it's just a case mod that's made using a Cooler Master case. Will check this and get back to you!

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For the “Tower Mod†category, you can use any chassis (full, mid, M-ATX or M-ITX) made by Cooler Master.

For the “Scratch Build†category:

The case you use could be built from any material you like

If you choose to use a prefabricated case, please use the following guide lines:

No display of any manufactures logo.

Final product must not be recognizable compared to its original design.

At least (1) Cooler Master product must be included in the mod

For the “Cooler Mod†category, you can use any Cooler Master cooler.

Yes, need a CM case =P

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@slipperskip We will look into moving the original April cut-off back a bit, will keep everyone posted! Thanks for the suggestion.
Apparently the rules are The project can have started anytime as long as it was finished after April 2012". Is that right? Maciel Barreto was disqualified last year for not having his dates right. It is still very confusing why that happened especially at the last minute in the contest.

I'm covered either way. I have a project I started in April 2012 if I decide to use it. I'd just hate to see another tragedy like what happened to Maciel. Thanks.

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I am covered too fortunately !

I took it to a LAN party at april 7th as-is (I fried a mobo, CPU and GPU 2 days before) and had to do a lot of work afterwards to restore it completely.

Now preparing for one of the hardest jobs, deciding how to airbrush the AT-AT. As I am new to airbrushing that will be a major challenge !

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