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Hope Lantern


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My name : Carl Collard / Mods Art PC

Job : EO Tech in the Canadian Army

Gender : M

country : 🇨🇦

Age : 42

Kids : 4

Builds : 4

CMWS history : 0

CMWS22 : 1

Sponsor : 0

Build name : Hope Lantern 


Why Hope Lantern? Sometime, hope needs light to shine. 

Hope about what? Life on earth
Hope for what? Mankind enlightenment.
Why this hope? Climat change impacts on earth's ecosystem
Why the lantern? To help us see it.
Why oil? For many generations, oil lanterns were used to lit and heat houses.
Why water? All life on earth rely on this molecule.
Why oil on water? Oil is the remain of water life forms from hundred of millions years ago.
Why use glass? Like every life; extremely fragile and beatifull.
Why use old rads? Things from ~ 80 years ago were nice looking and made to last long.
Why PC mod it? IA is a new life form.
What IA would think about life?
IA: "Did you know that if gravity would be slightly more powerfull, the universe would collapse into a ball?

Also, if gravity would be slightly less powerfull, the universe would fly apart and there wouldn't be stars or planets.

The gravity is just precisely as strong as it needs to be.

If relation with the électromagnetic force and strong force was less by 1%, life wouldn't exist.

What are the ods that all that happen by itself?"

IA citation source:

Description For this mod, I chose the lantern theme because this is a nice looking object where lightning is the purpose. I lot of nice things  can be done with light like refraction, reflexion and diffraction. The way it act when it pass from a material to another is facinating. And the visible spectrum of light let us see our beatifull word.


Drawing :



Material Glass


  • Mobo - Asus ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming 
  • CPU - Intel Core i5 9600k
  • RAM - 16GB DDR4 3200
  • SSD - Samsung M.2 Nvme 512 GB
  • PSU - Seasonic 750w platinum 
  • GPU - Nvidia 3080 Founders Edition
  • Watercooling - EK Waterblocks
  • Fans - Cooler Master MasterFan ARGB 200 mm + BitFenix Spectre Pro 230mm RGB
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There's HOPE

Let's start with the first section of the project; HOPE!

HOPE is the Hight Output Powered Exchanger of the Lantern. It will pump n cool liquids and provide power.

This is what I found to restaure:


This really interesting old Atlas heater



Then, Harrison radiator heater 




Another Harrison radiator heater 



With this particular rad inside



Restauration time !

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Good old rads


First thing I did was the restauration of those old rads.


Chemical and ultrasonic deep clean:



Fins restauration:



Fittings and leaks soldering:






Rads done!


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Dual pumps on!


This EK dual pumps is the perfect fit to go in the center of those rads:



I really like these new EK low profile 90° fittings:



This Keurig coffee filter is a good choice to make an hight flow filter:



Radipumps done and functional:



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Say by to this rust!


The parts that will be used for the case are from the Harrison radiator heater (the model H one) and the Atlas heater.


Before and after sandblasting this Harrison:



And then the Atlas:



Parts ready for mods and paint:



Looks promising:



Mods and paint time!

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Painting time !


For the paint, I found a special color switch purple-blue for the case itself, except for the top grid and nametag plate, who are purple-green.






I really like that paint!

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Build up Hope: PSU


Now the fun begins! Lets see if everything fits together...

The bottom pars is where the power supply is. This is also Hope's air intake, so, it needs a mesh to filter the dust and give that nice look. For that, I used a 10" pasta mesh from the dollars store and I cuted + glued it with epoxy at the bottom.




This Seasonic 750w Platinum PSU had to be modified in mani ways to be safe, size fit and functional here:




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Build up Hope: Fan


This large 230mm BitFenix Spectre pro is so fit that there is less than a millimeter free around it. It looks like this fan was made exacly for this purpose.








Edited by C0LLARD
Fan size info
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