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Mobo/GPU bracket : Hand made it!


I know CNC machines are made for that, but I dont have access to any CNC or 3D printer. 


I had to make the acrylic bracket using hand tool. It was a lot of work but the result is pretty good anyway.





I modified this ASUS small blower to have a minimum airflow in this closed section:




Then, painted black the bracket:



Mobo/GPU bracket done:


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Mobo/GPU bracket : mobo on!


Budget cut and canot buy the computer parts (excep for the GPU). So, I dissasembled last year Liz Art Lab build for parts:


- ASUS rog strix Z390i with EK monoblock 

- Cooling its Intel i5 9600k

- With 16g DDR4 3200mhz Trident Z RGB

- And 1To Samsung 970 EVO Plus



Now, lets fit it on the bracket :



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Mobo/GPU bracket : GPU on!


For the GPU, I had the opportunity to get this RTX 3080 Founder + EK block from a friend :



To make a solid enought holder for, I used 3 of this power cord bracket from old Panasonic plasma TVs:



I modded and installed them:



Wonderfull ! This heavy beast is nicely hold:


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Mobo/GPU bracket : Fittings, tubings and cable management. 


I really enjoyed this part of the assembling. This is where every details matter and everything on that bracket will be apparent. I spend easily ten hours of pure fun on that.


Here's the result :









Next step: testing...


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On 9/22/2022 at 5:05 PM, Keir Graham said:

That is a great use for an old heater, and you get a awesome custom radiator out of it too, looks very cool. What where the temps you got out of it?


Thanks Keir!


I didn't test it long enought to see the temps. In fact, I was looking for any serious issue, I didn't bother about the temps. 


But I can say for sure that this 230mm fan inside HOPE work very well. It push a decent airflow through those rads.


I will update about the temps on the final testing.

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