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Hope Lantern


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Cable management 


There's so much cables to hide!


I found this 90s CD player furniture frame and started  to mod it:



I had the idea to use that hole for this Noctua PWM contrôler that will be used to control the pumps:



Then, spécial paint:



This EK end plug make a perfect adjustable pump botton on this Noctua NA-FC1 PWM controller:


Cable management time:



Does it look good?



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Hope Lantern's globe : Top plug and silicone joint


For the globe's top plug, I did cut/mod this 65mm reservoir in a way to keep the treaded ring:



Then, I sealed it on top of the globe:



It's now time to install this glass globe:



Time laps video:



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Filling part 1: water


This is the time to hydrate it with 12 liters of distilled water:


Now Let's see how powerfull is this EK dual pumps :



The optical lensing + diffraction effects are unbelievable! Pictures are not as good as reality but I hope you will see it:





I am really happy of the result!

I can't wait for filling part 2!

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Filling part 2 : oil


This is finally the time to add 12 liters of mineral oil:



The filling made a lot of air bubble and water emulsion in the oil. I had to let it sit for few hours and took those shot with my phone:




The liquids are not perfecly clear (biocide in water and water emulsion in the oil) but the effect is still beatifull.


I will add few more liters of water to rise up this water level a bit. That will make this gap between the pump flow pipe and water surface more distant:




I beleave that will make the fountain effet more aesthetic.


PS: There's ~ 25kg of liquids in the build, this is not a lan party PC!

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I was planing to add few liters water. Before, why not test with ice?


Then, I made one ice rack with demineralized water (~400ml) and plutch... in the globe!


I made this 8X speed video with white  LED from the base + small white LED on top:



I really like it!

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Understanding solubility vs emulsion 


Is water and oil can mix? Yes!


Water is slightly soluble in oil depending of temperture. I made few search on Google and I found this graph:



What is interresting here, is this information : between 20°c and 40°c the solubility of water in oil is ~50ppm to ~125ppm.


That explain my observations during and after the stress tests *  : over 25°c, there's almost no water emulsion (in oil) and the oil is really clear. When the water is in solubility state, it do not affect the oil optical properties. 


I made this video when liquids was around 30°C:


But, when the temperture comme back down, all this previously soluble water become emulsion (small water bubble) and they are visible. Foggy oil is the result:



Of course, the oil come back clear as before once temp rise up. It can also become clear at low temp by leting it sit for several days. This way, the water emulsions goes down by gravity.


* For the stress test, I let the PC run half day on full load, pumps and 230mm fan at minimum, MasterFan at max. Max 15°c delta T room/water (around 16°c in the garage). No overclock. No issue. It's a pass. 


PS: Curious to see how I clean inside the globe? Here's the video :



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Keep out of reach of children!


Glass is fragile, we all know that... except young kids. 


My boys are 2, 4, 6 and 8 years old... 

I think this build will stay in the garage for now. 


The vase itself is pretty thick and his shape make it hard to brake, but the globe looks extremely fragile. 


Just ear the sound to understand :



I dont know exacly the thickness of the globe at the larger section, but the finger nails tap sound alone says a lot!


I can't imagine the potential mess of all this liquids if that thing get broken... 

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