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Hope Lantern


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Pictures : top section and PC off


GPU block side, lit with a 6" LED ring from left at ~ 2m:



Same with mobo side:



Mobo again, lit from behind:



And then, lit from top:20221212_094442.thumb.jpg.9064ab67444831f4ef3f6d6aff0b8d10.jpg


GPU side, lit from the bottom white LED ring on the base:


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Pictures : moving out


The plan is to go outside with the build to see if I can take good pictures near the forest.


Before that, I took those last shots:





Then, the Cooler Master MasterFan 200mm ARGB :



I modified a 16mm tube to connect with the fountain pipe inside the globe. This way, I can use Hope Lantern's pumps to remove the liquids in the globe:



Time to go outside:



Battery power bank, water and kit for photos, I have everything :



I like those trees :





Time to fill it with water only. I will not use oil for this session because I am nervous about the extra weight and it needs 3 more step to empty it.


2x speed filling video :



2x speed running test video :



Now, let see if I can take few good shots.


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