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Project: Mission - 2009 Mod Contest Entry - Completed

Jeffrey Stephenson

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Measured and cut up some panels from a piece of fiberboard I got from my art supply store.


I need to beef up the wood thicknesses in the front panel area including the bezel area. They don't appear to be in scale with the rest of the case. I want to add some bling to the front somewhere but the wife is resisting. I'll probably come up with something.


The waster pieces were 3/16" thick and these panels are 1/8" leaving me 1/16" additional space for a decorative element. I've got my eye on some vintage Fender amplifier grill cloth. I dunno. Maybe.


The additional wood thickness I'll add to the front panel will cur into the depth the case will set into the back of the shell.


It doesn't look too bad sitting flush to the back.

Thanks for looking.

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looking nice :D

just a idea for u red writing is mesh grill background A.C. Ryan AcrylPanelâ„¢ 3mm - 480x480mm Black so then you can see throw the case i would have done it in aluminum to wood and sprayed it

black i will think of some more ideas for you but apart from that looks nice still :D


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for the front of the dvd rom i would have used black AcrylPanel i just hope my ideas help just being nice that all not disin your work because you have done a nice job and will be getting my vote :D

All good ideas. Too late for the acrylic bezel. Might look good though. The mesh panels are on my list but I passed on making my own rad grills out of the stuff because either the black mesh was sold out or too expensive. The black aluminum mesh must be very popular these days. lol


I was mocking up some ideas for the front and came up with this one. It seems to create an illusion that the face is much narrower. I saw this technique used on a Thirties radio once.


Stainless steel motorcycle spokes that would match with the 3 x 120 stainless steel rad grills.


I like it enough to also try out extending the spokes into the upper face. It might give the illusion of "suspending" the DVD drive bezel. I might also try out different sized spokes spaced at wider intervals. Any thoughts or ideas? One big selling feature of this design is that I can mount something to it like a logo plate or some shiny bit.

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Want to gain extra points? Attach a CM logo (which is not ugly by any means) and yes different sized spokes would make it look good (unbalanced symmetry?). That's if it doesn't make that face look to "busy". It is a piece of furniture after all, not a kids Nintendo!


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No, no, Icejon, I was suggesting something discrete but visible, maybe even in a corner that won't impact the piece visually and of course removable so that if you get tired of having it, take it off easily.

I too have carpentry skills by the way but I don't have them elevated to an art form as slipperyskip, he-he. Anyways we are just shooting the bull of what could be & kudos to slipperyskip for keeping his projects cost manageable (veneer vs. using solid walnut, for example) but yet elegant & with a personal flair (I know, that sounded weird, but you know what I mean).


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Well over the course of the last hour and a half I've browsed your project log and wow!!

That's really epic, I've only seen one wooden build before yours. But this is the best.

I think you should also put the spokes above the dvd bezel, It'll add to the narrow look while keeping the style you're looking for.

Larger spokes would make it look wider. Also a CM case badge would be perfect for adding a removable CM logo. :D

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Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments.


To help in cutting my legs to even lengths I cut these two references. One is 100mm and represents the upper supports. The other is 55mm long and it represents the lower legs.


I'm more interested in consistency in length than accuracy. Here I'm using the 55mm block to help set up my straightedge. I'll make my marks along the straightedge instead of directly off the reference.


Here's the 100mm reference being used to set up the straightedge. Marks are made on all four surfaces of each leg.


I want to get some veneering done in this exhaust vent area because it will become much less accessible as the build contnues. I laid out a couple of sheets of walnut.


Pulled out all the side stanchions.


Measured and marked up the veneer.


Making sure that every cut is too long. Here I actually pulled the straightedge back a small bit so that the pencil line would be marked long.


I changed out my Easy Cutter's razor-sharp cutting blade for a fresh one. It's been four years.


Made some cuts and did a test fitting.


Glued everything up and set aside to dry.

Thanks for looking.

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What I meant was "mixing" the thicknesses of the spokes: One thin then one thick, or two thin and one thick. Anyways, not having the mod on hand to make a mock-up is sort of fuzzy what one can contribute. It'll be up to slipperyskip to see what suits the idea best.

I see that you are also improvising as you go ahead, good! That makes for a surprise ending!


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