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Project "Ovni"/UFO from Mexico (2009 Mod Entry)-COMPLETE


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Nice video PaPang!

This is what you need in order for your OVNI to launch!

A Powerplant!



You have helped make this forum a great school for modders of any level Cham_e, you will always be one of my tutors!

Thanks and as promised I will post videos and my tricks on modding as soon as typhoon PARMA is gone!

Ever heard of a modding tool made of a telescopic antenna?

How about making a flathead blind rivet?

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Excerpt from my post...

Oh my goodness, what you are eating in the salad looks like what we call "guadalupana" (over here, the variety is smaller) and from what I remember is very bitter. It is eaten in a soup but not very appreciated. It is an acquired taste in Mexico, you either like it or not. You might guess by my comment is that I don't, heheh.

At your age I was more fit, now I am loosing my near vision (slightly blurry) and a little coordination (one of my mess-ups in the led chaser kit was a sloppy solder that bridged two terminals (duh for me!), and like I showed..... a tire :oops: (maybe a bicycle tire but I did not used to have one) :cry::cry::cry:

If the contest doesn't :!: , I will post pictures of Cancun and a little of the life of the eldest member of SCMC. Thanks sunny for sharing!

BTW, how much is the $$ in usd? When I use m.n., this means Moneda Nacional or Mexican Pesos, right now $13mn for $1usd (used to be $10mn/$1usd last December). A time estimate? I know it took 40 days but I mean hours?

Yes Sir it's guadalupana (saw on world list), it really help check the blood... I think bitter herbs and vegetables like the spinach (popeye) are already read in the Holy Bible... I believe people then used to live an average 400 years old!!! (and when you eat red grape do not spit the seed, chew it and eat it...)

The expenses on the satella project was more of the CM items, since most of the materials I've use are an outright spares and wellkept junks of 5 years. the mobo a repaired one by me, hard disk also repaired, and acrylics ( if only you're near my place, you can have this 20 kilos of excess acrylics here in different sizes).

the next time you buy a led related kit, buy the one already soldered and working and it might save time too!!!

my secret to soldering, a good brand of soldering LEAD - that's all. ( your video is amazing bro, it kick butt again)

and since this nightmare is over (is it?!), you'll have a lot of quality time.

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Hola Cham-E, now I see where Antec got their idea for the Skeleton! Looks much better in flashy acrylic and I suppose you filled the PowerPlant with all kinds of lighting. No one will pass by a not notice it, Kudos for an unusual mod with lots of bling and ingenuity!

About Ketsana and Parma/Pepeng, I was reading the news and it looked terrible! Since you are in the northern part of the archipelago, you might get a double dose, maybe just wind and rain but since you have such varied terrain, damage is more noticeable, so is loss of life. In the Yucatan peninsula where I live, fortunately it is basically flat so there is not much damage from flooding, water just gets sucked into the ground and eventually disappears sort of fast. There are no rivers here to flood because of the flatness but they do exist under ground but good for us, underground flooding is not seen nor felt much.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you are well.


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I'm watching !!!! :shock:

Me too on yours!

Congratulations with your "Best of" price ! :cheers: Well deserved Mike !

Thanks Frenkie, you pushed me on when you retook your project, setting the example!

CONGRATS PAPANG!! :cheers::cheers:

Thanks Petoscal, now we need a new "home" next.

Saludos to All

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Papang I became his admirer, I really enjoyed your way, hope to see you in other contests and live one day God allows, I wish you well in your life and a great pleasure to meet you

PAPANG eu virei seu admirador , gostei muito do seu jeito, espero te ver em outros campeonatos e ao vivo se um dia DEUS permitir, te desejo tudo de bom em sua vida e um grande prazer te conhecer


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Muchas Gracias Maciel, I will make it a point to include your project in my history/background section for some more good humor in our next contest meet, heheh!

¡Bravo! to the category winner! My friend Maciel. :D


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