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Project "Ovni"/UFO from Mexico (2009 Mod Entry)-COMPLETE


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Since I appear to be the only one from the contest posting lately, I just have to tell you that I took first place this time in the Scratch Build Category in the New Mod City "Case Mod Showdown 2009" with version 2.0 of the Ovni/Ufo.

This was obtained through a long elimination process (Dec. 5-18) which was made up of:

Ten categories divided distinctly by the nature of the mod. For example one for scratch mods, another for sponsored mods, another for first time modders, etc.

1)The judging by a panel of judges that graded on the same 3-4 point sytem used here (appears to be general) plus bonus points that are calculated on the number of posts by the contender in other threads of other contenders, divided by the number of contestants.

2) An elimination round by voting of the members of the forum plus the contestants, not permitting a self vote. This obtained the 4 semi-final contestants.

3)Another round of elimination to further reduce the contestants to two via the same process above.

4) A "popular" vote element by way of Youtube videos of the mods, each 5 votes on Youtube for that contestant's mod, divided was one contest vote.

5) A final round to select a winner for the category, where all the points obtained are summed and the one with the highest sum total takes the category.

Wheew! Now you see why it took so many days?

Cheers and Saludos

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I am SO sorry for no posting the receipt of my "loot" from CM, hehe (Thanks Asgneto for reminding me!) I got my 2 boxes on Nov. 26, 2009 via UPS Mexico at around 11 A.M. while I was fiddling around the house. I quickly receive the packages shipped from the USA and opened them to check if anything was damaged (nothing, thank goodness) and spread them over the living room couch to soak in the bunch of stuff it was.


Checked everything received against the prize list and all arrived! Bravo! It is in a sticky in my little and new home forum for all to see and admire. I hope it serves as inspiration for all there to improve their mods and climb into the CM bandwagon the next time around. A lot of them will and of course CM stuff is the most used here or is on someones wish list. I wonder why? Haha, kidding.

THANKS AGAIN COOLER MASTER! I would say mission accomplished nicely and all happy around here, specially me!

May 2010 be what you want it to be and take care all.

Saludos and Cheers

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