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Project Krypto 2009 Mod Contest

Marc Molella

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Yes of course I'll answer any questions! Not trying to not allow people to comment on specific portions of the worklog, I just do not want to forget to post something I have done. This way no one misses anything, myself included haha.

Yep plans always change, today was a good day for painting but I'm out of paint, so I am constructing my hard drive mount and getting the supports in for my motherboard tray.

It's not my first time :wink:

I am almost 30, any and all questions are important!

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Fan controller done! Hard drive mount done! Have the mounting mechanisms for the side panels back mounted in. Also got my front pieces cut, need to finish sanding them, and paint everything for the final time tomorrow.

Either pictures later or in the morning. :mrgreen:

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Need more update here!!!


Great work so far!!!

Quick Question: As a Beta Tester did you parts from CM for Free all at better price...??? How I can become a Beta Tester :P ?


Yeah I tested a couple beta CPU coolers a while back, they were nice, watch the beta forum for signups on new stuff. There were a couple recently but I have not had my computer up and running so I could not jump in, would have really liked to get in on the nice PSU one they just had.

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Ohhh, and I forgot to comment that when you edit, the edition doesn't show as a new post (only post show up as updates). Same thing happened to a fellow member in my forum, no one dropped by, even as he was editing/adding to his project regularly because there was no apparent movement, till I detected (and remembered) that there had been changes! I was really checking his thread to wonder why he had stopped posting! Now we are following his mod cuz now he is updating via posts.

He too wanted his log to be perfect and chronologically correct, but everyone thought he had stopped! Sometimes it pays to be a little messy and disorderly, heh-heh.

Getting a better idea of what you are up to, will be waiting for more updates, now that I've got it figured out how you are updating your project. Looks good!


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