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Project Krypto 2009 Mod Contest

Marc Molella

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hum you changed completely, I congratulate the work this sleeveless very good! And the lighting was very good!

And sorry my English is very bad!


Thanks, the sleeving took awhile but well worth it! Everything is now sleeved, pictures of that coming soon, thanks the lighting is still not complete, but there are some updates with a video posted above!

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Kudos on the vids and the lighting! Aha, no internals! Shall we fudge, heheh? Just kidding, and don't forget my request for full sized pics and ample and great text on the HW!

Cheers and Saludos

Well no internals yet for good reason! I wanted all my lighting and fans in place, all those wires sleeved, and tucked completely out of the way and hidden.

Had one more mod to complete and have to finish lapping my TRUE before I could start mounting hardware.

Getting close, all pictures from now on will be a nice size to show off the work!

THanks for following so far! :bounce::bounce:

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LOL, great to hear I'm not the only one with more then one mod in the air :) Just dont forget the end date for this compo man, your mod is amazing !

Yeah I have a few in the air, lol, and thanks! :bounce::bounce:

Got sick, it is getting me down and definitely slowing me down, had a cold cathode inverter pop on me today, have to order another set....

Got a few more lighting mods done, now dinner, than maybe lapping the TRUE later if my head stops pounding... UGH getting sooo close.

I will get this done if it is the end of me!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::bounce::bounce::bounce: focus focus focus

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