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THErMOnUCLeAR_2011 CM Case Mod Competition Entry( Finished )


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Well, where shall I start. First of all, kudos for making quite a good mod without any fancy tools. Like most, you mod as a hobby and if you are on a budget, it's out of your possibilities to buy expensive tools like some of the modder here have. However, you do need at least a Dremel or equivalent to do better work because you are not lacking in resourcefulness as you clearly show. You will also work much faster which is always a plus. A good set of basic tools always enhances your mods. For example, I don't remember seeing a file, just sandpaper. I assure you, it is a key tool.

I would have to point out that you may have too many pics as compared to a lot here who hardly take pics to show their work. I doubt anyone thinks that you did not do what you did or sin of being selfish with your ideas and techniques, but no wonder you exceeded your Photobucket bandwith! Want a figure of how many? I'd say about 200 is pushing it being around 100+ the more desirable so you have to cut back on the non-essential detail. Just include the high points and some clever uses of tools and materials, enough to show you did it and are mod-smart.

A good and clear log is key (this is on-line after all) but I noticed you have repeated pics which throws us off. A polished log does not detract from your mod but enhances it--and your chance of winning. I hate comparisons but one does have to see how the past winners did it and clear pics is quite obvious like brinkor said, an experienced and respected modder. He is a good example to follow. You may exceed him one day, but in order to not re-invent the wheel, you need role-models until you do.

Unfortunately as the categories are organized, there are no classical: Newb, Intermediate and Pro categories. You go up immediately against the best and I don't know about you but I see lesser projects sort of fade into the background. Some get fooled that this is a forum, it is, but it hosts THE Cooler Master Mod Competition-world-wide edition, one of the most prestigious contest in the world. Don't get me wrong, you did a valiant effort but....

Unwittingly you represent your nick, your home forum, your country and supposedly represent the best there is. If I didn't think you have possibilities I would probably say "Hi" and wish you luck, but the next time, you have to consciously think about a lot of things. Participating is one thing but competing is another animal. You almost have an obsessive drive to want to beat the best....and you just might.

Congrats for finishing and a very nice and thoughtful mod. Most on their 3rd mod would look pretty simple compared to yours.

Cheers and Saludos

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