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Termuda Square - BLΔCK MΔGIC


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More space !


Over the course of the last year has been a wild journey of modding I never would have expected it to get to this level but I was slowly out growing my work space with the more and more mods was I was doing, so it was time for a upgrade !


New space , time to make it my space !





After a 2 months of non stop work I was able to finish my new Mod studio.



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Bracing measurements and cuts , but first we polish !


I had to somehow try to re polish back the acetal from the resurfacing bit, but sadly had minimal luck, so I will cut a extra set of acrylic caps for paint purposes later on.




I then cut my frame bracing to sizes needed and started assembly.






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Starting to look like something !


After a few hours of cutting and measurements it was time to finally assemble the top and bottom of the bracing for the frame.


When I did this I actually marked all my cuts by eye with a piece of tape and got every length measured and cut perfectly so every length was perfectly the same, I did have to scrap a few pieces during this but a few extra dollars in materials for a better outcome sounds like a plan to me ! 


This is when my ocd took over like always, haha.



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More bracing & more cuts !


After a few more pieces for bracing installed it was time to test fit the sl600 factory top panel.




And In order to fit correctly around these clamps I installed and in order to sit raided 3mm off the extrusion like I wanted, I needed to cut the panel.




Made sure to file my edges after cutting also, makes for less prep when it comes time to paint.






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