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Wet sand and polish for that glass finish ! 

I oddly have super bad OCD so if it doesn’t look right I’m not gonna let my anxiety get to me, so we will make this perfect. 

I started with wet sanding and polishing through every grit, this process took me a total of 7 hours just on this rear panel.


wet sanded flat , now let’s see how shiny we can get this. But first to check the fitment of the gold TermudaSquare logo insert.


and damn ! It’s looks and fits good 😍

now time to polish. E7E1DE75-2547-471C-B3A6-EFE34D6759A1.thumb.jpeg.8136a222f0ab7142c28c7b012cf1819f.jpeg

was coming along nicely


The results when I was done were awesome, but I had to come up with a solution to wash the product since it was filthy, so lol .... I decided to take a shower with my distro since it was winter outside and couldn’t use the hose and it was to big for my washtub. 
and it looked good after the wash. 80E26668-69A9-488E-BDF8-685CF498325D.thumb.jpeg.19dc2b6060818ff7dcdfcef31f48128b.jpeg

now that it’s washed, now time to use a razer blade to trim around the tape that we used to cover the water channels from any sludges or paint. A9938876-DD2A-4470-8963-B1565C3EC9B9.thumb.jpeg.533be51663244331e5defff881ecc261.jpeg



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More polishing for the distro ! 
So it was time to polish the acrylic caps for the distro, here is a photo of what they looked like before. CCBD442F-1E8D-4EB2-B53D-9F9DF633CFC4.thumb.jpeg.d2de6883134ca64f37373c684c3894a3.jpeg

now time to make them shine ! Back to wet sanding and polishing. 89E0990A-EAB2-490C-B84C-3E548D2BB0E1.thumb.jpeg.654cb49e5f17c8ae1d4a1d75e83335b0.jpeg

getting there 6EDA94B4-2D57-4CEF-860D-0F70E6D121A6.thumb.jpeg.da38c0a654e0b3c2f85ecd8258055f10.jpeg

crystal clear after polishing, now time to wash these. 7E407DB1-2C58-4EE1-BCD2-0DA7D53C7DD9.thumb.jpeg.b8ded7f8546fb1e678d2e38487754d72.jpeg




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Distro and frame assembly!


With the rear distro almost done and the frame painted, it was time to assemble the Distro to the frame.






I cut two distros, and kept one unfinished for lining up T-slot nuts, didn’t wanna risk scratches. 

And assembly of the distro went smooth.


(waiting on black alloy hardware to fully tighten acrylic caps for waterways) 

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A nice little touch of detail to the side panel before install ! 

So I wanted to add something to the side of the main facing panel, so I made a CoolerMaster stencil and laser cut one of my logos to paint matte black. 

I Then installed stencils then began to tape the side piece so prevent overspray. 
I then scuffed,cleaned, tack clothed and started to paint. 

End results were well worth the time. 


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Fan makeover ! 

Got this awesome little fan for the side of the mod that is Coolermaster, But the colors of the ketchup and mustard cables needed to be solved and the sticker had to match, so I figured I would sleeved them and make some stickers that would match the mod.



so I measured the fan with my caliber  and made stickers in the program for my cameo , gloss and Matt black CoolerMaster logo and Alphacool Logos for the 140mm fans. 


Along with sleeving supplied by GSCUSTOMZ. 176506EC-BBC6-44AE-899F-A89A14B0CEA4.thumb.jpeg.76b0a918ad49da519b0dc61d2ec6bd38.jpeg
took a bit of time but final results were well worth the work ! 77FCC5B2-FED7-462A-9DF3-3D9F878E8A12.thumb.jpeg.e86d07be8c3ce806e340b33af7404044.jpeg


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Getting the top fitted ! 

Was time to get the top factory panel fit, so I mocked up my top panel and made the cuts I needed for it to sit flush. 


then after cutting we filed the cuts 



and then test fit it , and it fit but in order to secure to the case I will have to run 3mm spacers. 

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Now for the bottom factory panel ! 
Now it was time to get the bottom panel to fit, which was going to take a lot more modifications then expect, so I first started with making a flat surface, and cutting out any metal that wasn’t flat to make sure our new laser cut panels will fit flush. 


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