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  • 2 weeks later...

Body work time ! 

So I do Autobody for a living, and there was a few holes on the upper and lower panels that I cut to be able to fit where the cable suspension areas were that needed to be filled so I put two and two together and went to work ! 

So I started with sandblasting the areas to give the filler a better surface to stick to.


Then I taped the backside of my holes so no filler would come through, less final clean up.



Started with my Duraglass which is a fiberglass based resin, it’s meant for a heavy first coat filler, so it doesn’t shrink like regular filler 7+ years down the line, we want this mod to last.  



Then we grabbed our DA sander and feathered our duraglass out, and any pinholes or anything we go back over with a light filler. 



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More prep before we paint factory panels! 

So we need to primer and sand our cut and hole areas before paint, but first I needed to drill more holes for the m4 rod post to mount the to frame. 



After drilling holes I made a quicker job of sanding the back side so the spot where I drilled was perfect flat to sit on the space on the mounting stand-off. 87181AE5-D4BE-4D06-9E44-4550A2060930.thumb.jpeg.d147c6659695b5a755a1a0f3dcddcdc1.jpeg


After priming sanding,priming sanding until it was perfect, it was time to paint ! 


But first we prep. 




Paint time ! And final result turned out awesome. 




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  • 3 weeks later...

A series of unfortunate events but we will still push through 

Had some rough news that the shop I’ve been at for 10 years that the landlord was kicking everyone out, so during the course of the past few weeks I’ve had to move some stuff, but figured I’d use the paint booth for the last few times I could. 

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Prep the frame for paint ! 

So before I could get to any assembly it was time to paint the frame ! 

First I wanted to trim up the cables for the motherboard tray to make sure it was the cleanest look it could have . 

made sure every cable over hang was all the same size, and then hung it for primer and paint.

Made sure to clean,scuff before anything. 



started with my etch primer on any raw metal areas, and then started with the black after the primer was dry and then re scuffed.

Frame is all painted and looking awesome. 

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Start to my favorite part , paint ! 
So paint and materials started slowly showing up so it was time to start with painting the rear distro gloss jet black ! 53C9B57D-8256-4875-A291-51275C959BC5.thumb.jpeg.660cc8aae935f650813290fd87d52717.jpeg
Started with prepping the surface and drilling out any holes that I thought would be problem areas for mill thickness of paint, along with taping my water channels so no paint would get through. F43D410E-E771-463A-B107-5FA9E593EB53.thumb.jpeg.608a28c1d47b9ae0f31a1b5d06b1a0ff.jpeg

All hung up ! Ready for first coats D8B1B30A-C194-4C92-95BB-33A810E5D293.thumb.jpeg.dcc4f5d12ae125ea64819615869fc717.jpeg

base coat was looking good 


now time for clear coat. 7A88C24C-F564-4048-8DCE-9EBD822B94ED.thumb.jpeg.878c4ad3aa743c2fd73a9ab538a25588.jpeg

 while doing the clear coat, it wasn’t perfect enough for me, raw plastics are always tough to paint, so my plan was to get the clear on thick enough so I could wet sand but not to thick so it would cause issues with fitment of hardware. So will be back for round 2 to make it perfect.

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Second times a charm ! 

So with the distro panels paint finish not being to my standard it was time to get to wet sanding, first started with 1000 grit, 1500grit then 2000 grit, and once it was flat enough for my liking it was time to hang again for a flow coat. 
Then slightly scuff and clean so my paint sticks 


Base coat is looking good, let’s see how clear turns out this round ! 

much better but not good enough. Will be back to tackle this when dry. 

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