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PROJECT LUNAR SERENITY - CM 2009 Modding Contest - Completed


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CoolerMaster 2009 Modding Contest – Worldwide Edition

Category: Fulltower


This project is related with the celebrations of 40 years of the arrival of man on the Moon and tries to recreate some ideas used in my winning project Solar Storm.

The opposition of the Sun to the Moon is clearly demonstrated in the name of the project ( SOLAR x LUNAR / STORM x SERENITY), and its purpose in summary form, is reflected in the search of the meaning of the word SERENITY.

“Synonyms: calmness, composure, cool, patience, peace, peace of mind, placidity, quietness, quietude, stillness, tranquilityâ€

To achieve this objective, the project has the following characteristics:

- Light colors;

- Soft lighting;

- Low noise;

- Modern and clean look;

- Simplicity and ease of use.


The basis of this project is the CoolerMaster Stacker STC-01 chassis, that’s one of the best and most robust of its category. A true Full Tower.

Very large and with high air flow structure, this model is almost perfect, needing some “mods†to get a modern and more aggressive look.

Seeking a low noise level, will use a watercooling system with silent fans of 120mm.

The colors used in case’s interior and exterior will be white and silver, with some details in blue.

As in most of my projects, their outcome should be a casemod capable to be placed over the desktop without "irritate the eyes" of the user. Therefore, will not be used unnecessary accessories and ideas that, for most incredible and innovative they may appear in the eyes of the common user, does not represent increased functionality or improvement to original design.

All structure modifications in this project seeks to improve the cooling, assembly and maintenance of components, adding facilities in the daily use of the computer and increase the overclock performance.

Also, the painting and aesthetic modifications pretends to transform the simple original look into a beautiful and unique case, with a blue soft lighting well appropriate to the issue, resulting in an object of desire, not a technology freak.


As some items of hardware are still in negotiations with possible sponsors, are confirmed so far:

- CPU Core 2 Quad Extreme QX6850;

- CoolerMaster RealPower PRO 700W Modular PSU ;

- CoolerMaster Aquagate S1;

- CoolerMaster CoolDrives (models 1 and 6);

- 4 x HDs SATA2 80GB (RAID 0);

- Logitech G15 and G7;

- Samsung SyncMaster 931BW

In case of delay in the negotiations, I have the following items for use as substitutes in the project:

- mainboard with nForce 650 SLI chipset

- 2 8600GTS graphic cards (SLI)

- 4GB DDR2-800 memory





Project’s Phases

The project, like the Moon, was divided into 4 phases:

- Phase 1 - New Moon: development of ideas, study the application of ideas to the project, negotiating with sponsors, purchase of parts and design of models.

- Phase 2 - First Quarter: disassemble the chassis, cutting, production of acrylic parts, changes and adjustments in the project. Stage in progress.

- Phase 3 - Full Moon: painting, finishing, assembling the chassis, mounting of the electrical and cooling systems and hardware setup.

- Phase 4 - Last Quarter: installation of software, system tune-up and tests.

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PHASE 1 - New Moon


- All sketches were tested and approved.

- Negotiating with sponsors to supply the project with new VGAs, Mainboard, memos and HD's.

- All necessary stuff purchased or ordered.

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You sir have a classic Stacker to work on. This was one of the first full frontal bay chassis available. I like your 4 phase modding concept as I know it will turn out well from detailed planning to execution.

When I saw this model, it was a love at first sight.

Although "classic", it remains one of my favorite models.

I started the project this week and am trying to capture the maximum detail possible in each stage.

Will be 7 weeks of hard and intense work until the submission deadline.

I intend to update this worklog every Saturday, bringing more pictures and details of each step of the project.

ps: sorry for the possible errors of translation.

I'm using the "Google Translator " to help prepare the posts. :oops:

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Phase 2 - First Quarter

Status: in progess

- disassemble the chassis - 100%

- production of acrylic parts - 50%

Backlight layer for the connections panel

The main idea behind this mod is to put some lighting in Firewire and USB connectors to make easy the connection of peripherals.

Who have tried connecting a pendrive on the computer in a dark room knows how difficult it is to find the correct position of the connector.

Still missing the assembly and installation of blue LEDs that will give the desired light effect to complete this mod.








Frontal details in acrylic

A little detail to enrich the front of the case.

The mounting of a piece of acrylic with blue backlight between the lower frame and chassis.

The piece was cut in the exact measure and then sanded to follow the contour of the frame.

As the previous step, still missing the assembly and installation of blue LEDs (only in Phase 3).






Frontal Logo display

The etched logo "Stacker" which is almost invisible in the top frame will be replaced by a blue backlight panel showing my logo "ASGNETO.

Initially, the part of the frame with the logo was cut off with a Dremel and then filed and sanded to get a smooth finish.

A piece of acrylic was cut and manually sanded to fit perfectly in the cut space. After that, it was molded with hot air gun to follow the curvature of the top frame.

Very soon, the piece will be masked with my logo to be painted and then be installed blue LEDs (only in Phase 3).






On/Off switches on front column

The on/off switches for the illumination system will be mounted in the side column of the case front.

Initially, as seen in the photos, would be 6 switches, 3 in each column, but after a review of the project, I came to conclusion that it would necessary only 3.

In the aluminum piece were cut openings of 2x3cm, where will be placed buttons made of acrylic crystal 10mm thick.

In the back of the piece, was cut a larger opening to allow the mounting of switches, wires, etc.

By now, remains a doubt... The switches should be placed at the bottom or top of the case ?

So far, I decided on the bottom.













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Phase 2 - First Quarter

Status: in progess

- production of acrylic parts - 60%

Finishing for top cover

The top cover of the case does not allow big changes because the installation of the radiator for the water cooling system.

But I could not leave her without any kind of mod. :twisted:

So, I created an acrylic finish with more modern design in contrast with the "classic" rounded finish of the case.

First of all, I made a sketch of the piece on cardboard. I tested 3 different designs to choose the best of them.

The final piece was cutted in 3mm blue acrylic. Its will also serve as finish for the fans of 120mm used in the radiator.

The edge of the rounded finish was cut to imbed the acrylic that was cut and sand in its exact contour.

The acrylic piece will be painted in white and illuminated with blue EL string (step 3).














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Oops! I didn't catch your entry until now, but I think the theme is great and commemorates a great happening. Since I didn't see any master plan, I will wait to see what comes up. Kudos!


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Oops! I didn't catch your entry until now, but I think the theme is great and commemorates a great happening. Since I didn't see any master plan, I will wait to see what comes up. Kudos!


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