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TRON CM Final Pics


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Wow, if the logo is anything like the final product, it will be astounding! Time is tight but it will be worth it, so lots of luck and hope all comes out as it should.

Cheers and Saludos

P.D. Think Jeffrey will compete?

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Been working in Sketchup for the last week, building a mockup of the lightcycle suitable for housing a full ATX system with watercooling. It ended up being 40" long, but relatively short. As for the design, I didn't want to make a spot-on replica of the bike, so I went with my layered acrylic method, with just a few skinned areas around the wheels and top. This allows me to hide more components inside as well. Anyway, on with the mockups:





Upon removing some layers, you can see the initial motherboard placement and other components.


To give you a better idea of size, I placed a Cooler Master Cosmos case next to it.



EVGA X58 Motherboard

Intel i7 965 processor

EVGA GTX570 video cards in SLI

Crucial SSD

Crucial Ballistix memory

Pioneer Slimline slot load DVD drive

Cooler Master Silent Gold 850W Power Supply (qualifying product)

Dual bay reservoir by Primochill

Other watercooling parts TBD

I'm planning something special for the front radiator, more on that later. :wink:

So that's the basic plan, I'll be adding more detail as I go along. Good luck to everyone, this is going to be a great contest with many amazing entries! :D

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