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TRON CM Final Pics


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So I think I got the SSD Engine just about finished up this weekend. Got the parts masked off and painted today once the sun finally came out.

I went with a dark gray hammered finish for the main parts of the engine, to add more of a texture to it and set it apart from the blue fins.


A closeup shot of the textured finish.


Demaskifying the drive covers to reveal the diffused blue acrylic. I primed the underside as well so you wouldn't be able to see through them.


All the pieces back together for a final mockup, and...........


.........the money shot!


I actually managed to get some paint on the tubes as well, so maybe I can finally get the basic frame assembled this week. Then it will all start coming together quickly after that.

Cheers, and happy Easter! :)

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Thats going to be epic you have put a lot of thought and time into this and the end result cant be anything less than GREAT! Good luck looking forward to your progess and the end result! Thanks also you have given me an idea using the cardboard cut out templates which I dont know why I did not think of it in the 1st place but I can use that idea toward future Mods on my CoolerMaster cases! Have fun!

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Thanks amdcrankitup, glad I could help with some ideas. :)

Ok, more goodies! I couldn't resist getting Razer's TRON themed keyboard and mouse with mouse pad to go with the build. I usually mod the peripherals to fit the given theme of my projects anyway, so this was a bonus And I have to say that Razer did a great job with the TRON design. I doubt I could have done as good a job, or even come close to the level of awesomeness!

Let me just show you with pics:


Even the packaging is cool! Opening the box revealed a thick smoked acrylic cover over the keyboard, with subtle TRON and Razer logos on it.


The keyboard is well-built with TRON style lettering that lights up, and a separate number keypad that can be mounted on either side of the keyboard with the provided connector piece.


Here it is lit up. There are audio connections on the keyboard as well, so I can plug my headphones in right there.


The mouse/pad kit came in the same killer box with protective smoked acrylic cover.


Pure TRON pr0n lol.


And the best part, the mouse pad has an electro-luminescent coating on it that reacts to a special led under the mouse, so it leaves a light trail as it moves across the pad, just like the lightcycle! :D


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More progress on the tubes. Got them painted inside and out, after taping off the areas where the ribs will be glued. Then after doing a light test, I decided to chamfer the ends to widen the glow area a bit.

I set up the router table with a 45° chamfer bit, and made a semi-circuler fence for the tube to fit in so it wouldn't go anywhere, then I slowly rotated it by hand 360°.


All four ends done.


For lighting, I'll be using these blue light strips wrapped around the tube center...


... like so.


A close up shot of the glowing end.


And an overhead shot.


The part on the bottom is darker because there is about a 3" gap between the ends of the light strip (it's 20" long, and the circumference of the tube is roughly 23"). I will cut a 2nd strip down to fill in that area. Otherwise, I think that is pretty much the look I was going for. :)

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