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TRON CM Final Pics


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Ok here are the final pics! And still with an hour to spare lol. Enjoy and good luck everyone!













Ran into some issues with the power supply when I tried to start it up for the first time this morning. I tried everything I could think of, but couldn't get it working in time. So I temporarily hooked up the lights and fans with a spare psu for the final shots. I hope that doesn't weigh against me too much in the judging!

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dude has to suck that you missed the cut off of the 15th

The contest ended 11:53 GMT-8 time which was 4:00 am est here in the us on 5/16/11 So he is in by 2 hours :)

Great Mod Bod !!!!!!

I purchase 2 inch insulation last year Before the release of the movie to do bike mold, just never had time to look at it.

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Congratulations friend, your works are amazing

I like the handling of fiberglass you have, I hope someday handle fiberglass so, really I do not dare even perhaps for fear of a new material, but I hope to use in upcoming projects, plus the care have in the most minute details is admirable.

The painting also liked me.

I am new to modding, but I give my best.

Sorry for my English, I am very bad and google translator helps me :)

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This build, (hats off) you had my attention from the begining with the blue prints of what this build would intale but the end product far exceded what i thought it may end up like. Great job

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