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Project: Mission - 2009 Mod Contest Entry - Completed

Jeffrey Stephenson

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No MstJuan, that is what I thought as pure genius, make a pc case a piece of furniture as his mod! Slipperyskip is more than capable of not having to use a case at all. As a matter of fact, most of his mods don't. However, using a CM case at the heart of his project, automatically places him in the mid tower category which for some reason has very few competitors (vs. the full case category), and for me (no offense but he is a member of the SCMC--I feel morally compelled), has a winner.

Would like to go up against Mission? I didn't think so. He is just fine in the mid towers IMO, and that, to me, was his plan.

Now if CM were to make HTPC cases (I specialize in small stuff), that would be the base of my next project just like skip's stroke of genius.

Am I wrong?

Cheers and Saludos

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but to be honest i am here not to win as i thin you are as well all this is not about winning is about fun me and you we both know that although some are competing to win.

I would have loved having him in the same category althought you and Marcel are very good in your jobs.

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I may withhold my entry because I don't want to risk being beaten by an incomplete project that wins simply because they bring a huge voting block with them. I don't mind losing as long as it is honorable and I'm having fun.

It is the code of the Samurai modder.

Well Jeff, I for one would not wish you withhold your entry as I THINK you have a more than great chance of winning your category and it would be a big let-down IMO. I speak also as a first time competitor and as you might guess, I'm like a kid in a candy store but I did learn a bunch of things: 1) Views count, that means folks are following your project out of interest and there is a more than fair chance that they will give you their vote. 2) Originality counts which can be appreciated by both noobs and veterans. 3) Use of your hands and own resources, in these times count because it fits in with the general mentality (economic shell shock). 4) Resourcefulness with economy in mind is the new "think" mode for today. 5) A well made worklog reflects well on the person-tidy, thoughtful, attention to detail, in other words, a real pro. 6) You used a CM case from the start! 7) You answer inquiries-there a bunch who posted and left the forum--no feedback for me means no vote. 8) You dedicated time to the forum (not as much as me, hehe) and commented on other projects of interest. 9) You finished in great shape.

I too don't have a big following. Petoscal and I may be the only modders in Mexico! My Dad (mhrip) was a farmer, but "farming" votes in a mod contest is sort of incomprehensible (don't know what it means). All I can say is that I learned a lot from you and that atleast gets my respect and my sympathies.


for my self you should enter and submit it, i shell not farm neither. but for me you should make the step it's not about loosing but partecipating.

If it counts for me you are great mate.

Yes, I did not count on winning anything either, but like I mentioned elsewhere, even an honorable mention is worth to me its weight in gold! Meeting other true modders from around the world was a great experience and I'm happy to say that the great majority are really open and friendly. We all knew that it was a "contest" with prizes so we entered knowing full well that we had to give it our best shots. The added benefit of learning was a great bonus (never too old to learn IMO) and yes, it is good to know that most are human when they comment their personal experiences as if it were a big chat room. Some are even more open than in my home forum, really unexpected! Participating is fun, purposeful, and a great personal experience--so are you going to finish with slipperyskip at the goal line? I will and hope for the best!

Cheers and Saludos

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