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Killer HL box rev. A2 argentina(09 Mod Contest) Completed


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mmm... I am starting to worry... jajajaja...

Too many good project... the judges will be so :shock::shock: when they have to decide who gonna be the winner(s)

I luv it... specially the rusty look... impressive technique...!

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hola .. jijijiji :mrgreen: not worry friend, and thanks x your comment, your work is very original ..the theme of the valve is .. red is nice, but out of tune a lot so my point of view, with the worklog in general .. then decided to integrate a little more and give my personal touch :mrgreen: and now for the reader as promised, this is an almost complete breakthrough, but know that in the end give some more details to close the worklog...oxide cuts and a little weight to glue the acrylic :mrgreen: and the final images to think we could do with the jars empty disk, following the thematic of HL :roll: ..Safety glasses remember, if they will work with something that exceeds 10,000 rpm... saludos y hasta la proxima















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¡Bravo Chatnoir con el quemador de DVD! No me digas que aun usas floppy? ¿La pila de fieros son para...?


Bravo Chatnoir for the DVD! Don't tell me you are still using a floppy? And the pile of scrap iron is for.......?


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OMG, a strider made of clay epoxy, lollipop sticks, with joints (very clever-posable in different positions) and did I see leds? Pure genious! The wire skeleton also carries current albeit 12v, downgraded with resistors to 3v maybe?

Did you see the shadow "show"?

I would really like to have a strider next to my Ovni for a group photo!

¡Excelente artesanía manual en el strider! ¡Genial! Digno representante de Argentina en este concurso.


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