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Project "Ovni"/UFO from Mexico (2009 Mod Entry)-COMPLETE


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Well, this is one partial version and is just a draft. Let me know what you think.

...should I check Steven Spielberg?!, or do we need to check first the scriptwriting after it's through?!

let's keep this for the time being, these people (Las Vegas, yours and mine) are busy with boxing....pweeee.

(sorry, that's why I am an extremist, ngek)

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Papang, I enjoyed the story gave a lot of laughs here, where the ship was to leave me! Another thing you are to be congratulated his project is very well done!

and liked the place where you live now without the hurricane of course I will temporarily place some pictures of beaches near where I live in BAHIA!

Papang , gostei muito da história dei muitas risadas aqui, onde essa nave foi me deixar!!! outra coisa você esta de parabéns seu projeto esta muito bem feito!

e gostei do lugar onde você mora agora sem o furacão é claro vou colcoar algumas fotos de praias perto de onde eu moro na BAHIA!

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Good morning/Buenos Dias to everyone, hope you are having a great/better day!

And I don't believe you, half a day soldering? or maybe half hour!!! (and you can tell that to the marines!!!-joke)

Well sunny, I am NOT too good in electricals, I just barely distinguish the + and - and solder. Also I have done a lot of simple things, basically in series, much easier and cleaner wiring. If I had a cousin like Mpovh who is a good electrical tech, I would use him a lot, but no, I have to bang my head against the wall and do it--that is why it takes me so long! I have to think the connections several times before and smoke a lot of cigarettes and drink a lot of coffee (drinking beer does NOT help, just makes me laugh-BTW I don't drink anymore :cry: ).

Next up is a sequential led array with 18 leds, lighting up 3 leds at a time. For that I am separating a full week! Oh my, I will have to have a lot of cigarettes on hand!

OT: you have hurricane and we've the typhoon, yours was Wilma 2005, our's was Milenyo 2006 (Mellenium)

Global warming? I included the photos to show Chatnoir (and everyone) something of my hometown and the only "unusual" ones I had were of Tulum (not well known) and the Hurricanes which, altho hard on us (sunny and I are tough), do not occur all over the world. Like I said, I will be on the look out for other unusual things to show you, if I can so that you get an idea of the "real" Cancun. Have you seen some of the fantastic photos from Chatnoir? They almost look like they came out of a science fiction movie rather than his hometown!

And sunnyextremist, thanks to your good humor, interest in others and being open (chatty), you have made this forum more "Fun". Even others like Asgneto, Maciel, Cham_E _Lyon, nicky_82uk and Masbuscado have crossed out of their threads and made great comments (funny too--GREAT!!!) on the threads of their "competitors", hahaha! Even the generally reserved slipperyskip commented! A salute to you, Sensei!

I will temporarily place some pictures of beaches near where I live in BAHIA!

Ahh Maciel, the beautiful beaches of Brazil! Let us see your pics, pls., pls.,pls. Also some photos of your home town are appreciated! I woke up the day I wrote the history of my mod with good humor and since you were the one who gave me the idea (other too, but yours inspired me), I had to include Morphius because of its deep history. There are many "UFO"s but just one Morphius, I must recognize. So to make my OVNI more recognizable and memorable, I decided to make it the "ride" of the more famous Morphius. I made Morphius a "quirky" warrior, much like his creator, heh-heh (forgot to tip the Ovni pilot so the pilot got mad and left him instead of waiting--in the middle of the Somali conflict!). Sorry, I just could let this one go! I enjoyed writing it, thanks to you, you removed for a time from my mod for something that I enjoy too, a "coffee break", heh-heh.


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Thanks Cham-E, my paint Sensei! You remind of some youngsters that used to paint on the docks of Cancun using only cans of spray paint. They could do all types of shading and I remember that they used cardboard and stiff paper cut in different shapes for this. I remember one painting that was a Mayan Temple (pyramid) under the moonlight with the moon and stars in the background shining. I almost bought it because it was not at all expensive back then.

Also the husband of the sister of a girl friend of my wife, was a "grafitti artist" that was dedicated to this although he paid the price for this artisanship--he got emphysema and passed away. Sad but his wife carried on with the trade and is an artist in her own right (and she uses a paint mask).

Ahhh.., but you are the first that I know, that I have seen using it in modding! Who needs an airbrush with this technique? It is always best to use your head! heh-heh.

Hurricane season started here June 1st. and there have been 3 in the area already but have gone away from here. We still have some time but, yes, we had better step on it!

Cheers and Saludos

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Yikes! A dead cat from a hurricane! No, just taking a nap, sunny explained. Continuing on the project, I moved up to the "middle part" which houses the computer components.I sanded and painted the housing, but since I left a small window on the underside, after seeing all the light produced by the landing gear and 25 cm. fan, I began to worry that folks might not see the motherboard on top. The only lighting on the motherboard will be that made by the heatsink CM fan and the smaller CM fan on the chipset cooler. This is not a case of not having enough light, it is more a matter of calling attention to the "suspended" mobo on the "ceiling" of the housing. Hmmm....???? Rummaging through the closet (mostly stuff stored by my wife), I found a couple of rolls of shelf liner with adhesive (very popular brand) with a chrome finish. Great for reflection! However my wife warned me that it was over 10 years old and would probably not stick. Well, let's give a try, so:




Hint: This liner is vinyl so it is similar to applying vinyl "skins" to a pc's surface. I sanded the surfaces (remember, it is epvc sheeting), primed then painted (the adhesive clings better the smoother the surface), sanded again and finally washed with soap and water before applying the vinyl. Remember that even the smallest speck of dust will prevent a total adhesion and will leave a lump on the vinyl. That would be a pity if you spent $60-200 usd on a skin and it had "lumps", plus air trapped inside will eventually loosen the adhesive around it leaving a sort of blister, not good!

Now to test it with a flashlight (led lights):


Good reflection! It should let the led fans be noticed and with them, the mobo and vid card. Now to attach all the components somehow and see what gives. Taking my time here, like the Satella, the hard drive and power source will be on one side of the "floor" and on the other the mobo. I hope the epvc is rigid enough to hold all this weight!

Well, I expectto finish this part this weekend.

Thanks for looking and dropping by. Lots of luck and we have to speed things up guys! Stop watching TV and drinkin' beer, hit your projects!

Man-hours Invested: 7 hours

$ Invested: -0-


Accumulated man-hours:

Accumulated $ Invested:


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Yes, sunny, altho I designed the component hold a couple of months ago, I am finding that putting it together and making it work is a she-dog! I hope you have an easier time but I see that you are even thinking of a roll-out assembly, definitely over the top! Mine is like a puzzle, how could I have thought about it like that (scratching my head)? I definitely was not drinking! Must have been a bad batch of coffee, heheh.

Too late now, I/we have to go on and finish. And sunny, if you and others remind me, I will not mind at all---it will help me focus harder on the "tricky" parts that I have been postponing to get them done. If I weren't in this contest and only back home in my forum, I feel I would taken 6 months more to finish it at my own pace. However, it would have been boring compared to here for sure!

Kudos to the "kid" of the SCMC! Tireless and enthusiastic, always a good habit to follow! Lead the way sunny!

Cheers and Saludos

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Since the components will share the same "floor" and I had just made it large enough to fit the micoAtx mobo, things had a way of butting into each other. To fix the power source and hdd, I had to epoxy in the nuts to be able to screw in from the other side and not have to take the mobo each time I had to do this.


the nuts.Wow, what veiny hands! This guy must be suffering from high blood pressure! That looks scary!


the bolts to hold in the mobo. Here the nuts will be exposed so that just the mobo can be removed (like when I get a sponsorship-fat chance this year!)

Next to pop in the cpu, the southbridge cooler and in goes the mobo, but.... here is the cpu, do you see the problem?


bent pins!!!

You can see it a little better here (I hope)


To sum it up, there were bent pins all over. Spent most of Sunday trying to straighten them (jeez, those pins are tinny) and we are talking of an Athlon x64 X2 +4200 for a socket 939. Nowadays pins are even smaller! So take care of your cpus and their pins like your life! I gave up after several hours and today in the morning, after checking the pins again, I gave the cpu a shove and it popped in! I hope it works or I'm up the creek with no functional cpu!


Anyway, crossing my fingers, I dropped in my to CM components: the heatsink with the swapped fan and the northbrige cooler used on the southbridge. Why the SB? Because the heatsink fan blows air over the good mobo heatsink of the NB while the SB is bare. This setup also lights up the other side of the mobo so that when you see it thru the window, I hope it will call attention to the mobo.


Time to let glue dry out and assembly tomorrow, one day behind schedule! No that shabby and bad. :oops:

Man-hours Used: 11 hours

$ Invested: -0-


Accumulated Man hours:

Accumulated $ Invested:

Later guys.

Cheers and Saludos

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Haha, fun isn't it, bending those pins back...I know what it's like...

Some guy had forced the CPU into the socket -without raising the lever-, so almost all pins where a bit bend, and some where almost flat, but heck, the dude bought a new one, so I took that one (was a P4 2.4Ghz, at that time it was one of the top performers), but my attempt wasn't successful, I lost just 1 pin :(:|

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