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Project "Ovni"/UFO from Mexico (2009 Mod Entry)-COMPLETE


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While reading here i am learning a lot of interesting things from a very special team of People some of the things i am seeing done here i never did them before. and i am making an effort to make this because is the only thing that is a private life i manage to get doing for a while now. Since work is so hard on me, but that is anther story.

For the next competition if i enter i will try Ionic wind cooling system, it would be fun trying it.


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Ohh, Juan, first finish the Mad Oil THEN we will chat about the ionic wind cooling project. And yes, if you are lucky to have work, they will push you harder than normal but you do have to have a private life, to sleep and eat is not enough (well not nowadays, slavery was prohibited in Europe and the Americas and most of Asia) so surprise everyone today (or tomorrow)at the end of the work day, and say "I am sorry but I have to leave, goodbye!" Go home and have fun and please finish your project!

Cheers and Saludos

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Sorry to bug anyone and insist but I could use an opinion:

My wife (the one with the frying pan for Frenkie) asked me to place the acrylic rings on top of the paint to see what it would look like:



My wife liked this one better(above).


The second ring is a little crooked, but what say you? One ring, two rings or all three should be glued on?

Thanks for dropping by and your opinions are greatly valued.

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Thanks a bunch Asgneto, slipperyskip, sunnyxtremist and Frenkie (Cham_e forgot). The wife could not believe your opinions so when all of you come over for beer and pizza, she will be waiting with the frying pan (Frenkie gets a double dose). Muchas Gracias guys again!

The reason my wife asked for the ring "measure" is that she thinks that the colors clash with the rings. She (and maybe a lot of people) is not into wild color schemes. I too think it is "over the top" to my tastes but those colors used were the ones available in spray can here in Cancun (for ex. Home Depot has "camo" paint--only one of the three colors used for the effect and has NEVER brought the other 2 camo shades to the store, can you figure that out?). For the moment, I will have to live with that and later change the color scheme to something more subtle and harmonious so that I can live with the case and folks (not modders) don't get a head ache when they see it.

Thanks for everything, Cheers and Saludos

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