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Project "Ovni"/UFO from Mexico (2009 Mod Entry)-COMPLETE


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Ahh, refreshing to have a bunch of great guys to comment with, altho it is the weirdest thing to happen in a contest! Like I mentioned to someone on the forum, I just had a set back (yes, another). The badge made from a button, caved through when I drilled it to put the "on" led in it. I was going to stick a Team Cooler Master logo patch on it and the led would make it sort of glow, but


So, I grabbed a piece of 6mm acrylic to substitute it and cut it "old school".


With a round acrylic to feed the led light to it. Have to scuff it for the best effect later.


Since I bought a cheap strobe to go on top of the Ovni, I had forgotten to test it! I scrounged up a switch to turn it on-off and thank goodness, it worked. Since a photo does not do it justice (it blinks), I pulled out the videocam my wife brought me from her last trip to the States. Iy is one of the new wave videocams that are really easy to use and start fast. What I liked about it was that it was really cheap and uses flash memory (cheap too) for storage. Can't say the brand but here it is:



I took this little video of the strobe with it and the only thing I have to do is use a tripod as it is so economical, it does not have an "anti-shake" chip in it and using it free hand, it looks like the videos of yesteryear with no image stabilization:


Background music by Alex Syntek "Lo Que Tu Necesitas"-Mexican tecno rock.

BTW, does anyone know how to show the first image of the video like Marcam923 did on his post?

Man Hours Invested: 3 hours

$ Invested: -0-

Cheers and Saludos

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The music is pretty nice ... I liked!

The strobe is very strong, will give a cool effect on the UFO.

Try this...


Just copy the IMG code from SHARE options on Photobucket...


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Hey muchas gracias amigo Asgneto! Looks much better now. Muito Obrigado!

Here in Brazil we respond:

- Não há de que ! (Not at all!)

That means: no need to thank.

In English and Spanish I do not know what to say :oops: , but if I can help in anything else, just ask. 8)

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ANd Finally Papang made his first video!!!

Congrats! the strobo is goin to be an extra rush for this mod, andthe power button also is going to be great!

Cheers :cheers:

Hey Petoscal, we have to thank Asgneto and Marcam 923 for the pointers to get our little videos shown as they should be! Great guys and friends, no doubt. Does everyone know that Petoscal put up the first video in this contest? It is in his thread.

I really liked the rings, I found very nice, Papang now want to see a picture of him on the dark, as the right to show?

grande abraço :cheers::D

Thanks Sensei Maciel, I should be putting together a mock up of the lights soon and I will take another video!

Nice video and cellCam!!!


You gave an example of vidoes to follow Sunny! Got it basically for the forums and on sale go down to $100 usd. Great price for HD capable and 6 hour recording, light, compact and fast starting--a great type of video camera for a recession.

Whew I missed the maiden flight!

Very nice indeed!

I'll try to catch up!

Thanks for your belated opinion on the rings Cham-E. Thanks for your videos too! Like sunny says: "we are in a rush!"

Cheers and Saludos

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