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Project "Ovni"/UFO from Mexico (2009 Mod Entry)-COMPLETE


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Muchas gracias Asgneto, Petoscal and nicky_82uk, I appreciate your comments. I had to get a pinched nerve at his moment and lost almost a week of time. In certain positions, it was really painful and the nerve even affected my left hand so I could not even type.This has only happened to me twice in my life before and it takes a long time to go away. I have kept up somewhat with the progress of the forum however and luckily I could click a mouse. With help from a chiropractor and meds (no cortisone shots through the back-I'm chicken) I began to slowly add to my mod by Thursday and today type.

It is funny that for this type of ailment, the chiropractor prescribed exercise (even cardio). He said that it only gets worse if I just sit or lie in bed, that in order to get blood and nutrients that will relieve pressure on the nerve, one must exercise and even stop smoking (sorry, no can do). What he thought funny is that I pinched a nerve while only modding, not from exercise or lifting, so modders beware, you CAN get PAINFUL nerve ailments while modding! Ahh, definitely my age doesn't help so beware sunnyextremist and slipperyskip, you could be up next! It might have also been the pressure from the contest (boy, is it that bad?!), so ANYONE running to finish his project, COULD BE NEXT!

So if you don't want to go through what I had: exercise and do cardio, eat regularly and well (no junk food-calcium and potassium promote muscular and nerve health), sleep well, don't drink alcohol (who mods and drinks?) and take breaks from your mod (right now? Are you crazy?). Oh and stop smoking (are you kidding?).

Also thanks guys for "stepping up to the plate" on comments which makes this contest rather unique and fun (kudos to nicky for his effort-just have to send him to grammar school, hehe).

Cheers and Saludos

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Thanks nicky, missed your crazy comments and thanks MstJuan, glad to see you took your leave to work on your mod which has the complexity of building a nuclear reactor!

I too will post some little things I did and could do without cursing too much. Has anyone noticed that you cannot write the 3 letter word that describes our rear ends, such as kick-___? A very clean and proper site indeed.


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Well, where shall I start? While I was out, I fiddled around with a lot of little details. I saw someone add a spinner to their exterior fan so I did too. I looked in the closets and found an ideal spinner, a shampoo cap! Coincidentally, it was gray too but a little off.


With a little household glue, ready! Note: this fan will extract hot air because it would not fit inside the upper dome where the power source and hard drive are. This means that the frame is towards the outside and that saves me from having to affix and epoxy the cone better.


I did manage to finish assembling the mid section with all the components which looks like this.



The real power source and hard drive will be transferred towards the due date because they are presently being used in my computer I am using now to view and post, but it will be fast and easy now.


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