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Project "Ovni"/UFO from Mexico (2009 Mod Entry)-COMPLETE


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O flash vai se atrair muita atenção

The strobe will attract a lot of attention ! I hope not TOO much !! :cheers:

Google translator? I have to admit it is a pretty good translation altho it is in Portuguese! I would say "¡El estrobo atraera mucha la atencion! ¡¡Espero que no demasiado!! (Spanish). Jeez, no wonder you can go to all kinds of forums, even in Cyrillic (the Viagra post that is still on the forum-was it really an ad or were you just pulling my shirt???)

The strobe is one, the sequential led array is the other one, I just hope I don't short it out (not too good in electrics)!

Hope you finish with the pack!

Cheers and Saludos

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Not much to show down the final stretch but, I did not like the look of the lighter shade of gray which is really an aluminum color. I thought that a "chrome" paint (really shiny) would do the trick but the thing is that when transparent flat matte is applied, it darkens a lot:


Chrome on the right, aluminum on top and gray on the left. It can't be appreciated but the lightest shade is normal gray. It appears that the more metal content the paint has, WITH TRANSPARENT FLAT MATTE, the darker it becomes! So I am repainting all the gray again.

I did conclude all the wiring for the computer mobo (on and reset switches, on and hdd leds, beeper) , scrounging from left over parts on old cases.


It took me a while to find how to bend the final piece of acrylic which I could not accomplish with my industrial heat gun (Cesar, my acrylic supplier, did it with honking big propane torch) thus I made a mock-up to see how it would look like. Behind it goes the 18 led sequential and reversible array which I am still working on.


The top is papered off to avoid over spray and the front has been repainted on the gray, appreciably better shade-wise. So much for now. The big bugaboo is the 18 led array, wish me luck!

Man Hours Used: 9 hours

$ Invested: $50 mn to bend the acrylic

34.00 for more paint and cyanoacrilate

Total $84.00

Cheers and Saludos and thanks for dropping by .

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I finally got the front I/O panel out of the way. It should be interesting since the red hdd light will blink behind the acrylic shield. I don't expect to be opening and closing the shield very often as I really don't turn off my computer but rather put it into "sleep mode" and wake it up with input from the mouse or keyboard. I even have sound plugs for headphones or microphone from the front which I had not had for a while.


I also glued the Acrylic Logo Shield with the "on" led (I chose blue) and here is what it looks like with the preliminary Team CM logo lit up. The final one will look much better!


One down-side. The sequential reversible led array DID NOT LIGHT UP! "#$#"e$#t#%$fwq"!$#!"!!!!!!! I am quite sure everything is soldered in correctly and even took it to a friend to check for any mishaps. I just wanted to check if it would work so it only has one led, instead of three, for each of the six channels/nodes for leds it has. I suspect a faulty transistor but definitely puts me in a tight spot to claim it and get another one in time for the close date. Conclusion: THUMBS DOWN FOR THIS RIP-OFF OF A KIT (STEREN MEXICO):


This was one of the main attractions for the mod! Oh well, I will finish up the rest and see if I can get a replacement in time.

Man Hours Invested: 8 hours

$ Invested: -0-

Cheers and Saludos and Thanks for dropping by!

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NO WAY!! :cry:

What happen? I was anxious to see the OVNI all lite up! maybe if you take it to the store they can help you.

Anyway it looks amazing, but I know it will look so much better with all those leds, I hope you can fix it, but you have to do it quick!

Cheers! :cheers:

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Yeah, look at the date and with this mishap. I will have to let it go as I waited too long to fix it and yes, it was important, specially for the video in the dark.

How are you getting along with yours? It's been a while for you. I know there has been bad to awful weather which holds you back, but you know our compromiso/obligation.

Cheers and Saludos

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Achhh Frenkie, I cannot believe my luck! I really put alot of faith into it and it fails on me. I will have to follow your suggestion in order to not finish "incomplete", now that would be a disgrace (Mexican style)!

Obligated question as with Petoscal above: how are you doing with yours? I hope we won't have to shoot ourselves for not finishing (again Mexican style). :wink:

Cheers and Saludos

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