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Satella (Hybrid Scrap Satellite) 2009 Mod Entry - Completed


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Oops I think I didn't explain myself: Age-wise (from oldest to youngest): Me, then slipperyskip, then you (thus you are the kid). The others; Asgneto, FrenkieNL and Cham_E, I only know they are "up there" in years but don't know cuz they haven't said how old they are. Did I miss anyone guys? I'm talking about the SCMC. Sunny knows.

Fiberglass, resin, foam and catalyst used in my mod, maybe about $15 usd for the fiberglass products and $15 usd for the 2 cans of foam. Maybe $10 usd for expanded pvc sheet. $40usd in all for the materials to form the ufo. The rest is the expensive stuff (acrylics, paints, tape, fillers, leds, strobe, glues, etc.) . I used 1 ply of fiberglass, Maciel in Morphius used 3! My ufo will stand 2 X 20 lts. jugs of water, Maciels will probably withstand an atomic bomb! The ufo case weighs aprox. 6-7 kgs. without components--that for me is light.

A tip of the hat for the nonegon acrylic, I probably could not do it.

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Sunny, you really have lots of brilliant ideas right inside your coconut!

And lots of elbow grease too!


Looks like your thread became a chatroom for Old Dogs!http://forum.coolermaster.com/posting.php?mode=edit&f=9&p=97815#

Anyway, to clear things up, I was 24 years old 19 years ago!

How old am I?

May I join your club?

Can't wait to see the final outcome of your mod!

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You are truly a modder to my heart. I love the way you work redundant materials into something new and amazing. Like Papang said, were old, but were not finished yet ! Keep it up, i'll be watching you ! :)

Thanks bro, that will give me some enhancement !!!

Oh yes were not old, we still have another golden years to go!!! were not done yet!!!

I've seen your work, I just want to be like in your level someday!!!

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I need to send some signal, I can't because the antenna is still under construction...

there will be 2 antenna, I saw it on those sketchups - 1. a sattelite disc antenne and an RF one.

this is the RF version, and is still have to consult my colleague (i am in front of the mirror, i'll ask him).


parts here: unused electrical wire junction box (although it's round), the other half of the zoom antenna, the base part of the car antenna and i forgot to get the bolt, and a broken child folding chair folded bars with plastic locks.

If this doesn't look good, I'll check the junkroom again.

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