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MORPHIUS -2009 Mod Contest Entry-finished BRODER


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Yes Maciel, I have also seen and admired your last mod "Skull" and you are doing the right thing---improving on your previous masterpiece with "Morphius". It would be interesting to know what your next project will be.

I will be changing from "spaceships" to something else and another set of materials to use as I still have other un-used skills in modding to try (metal-working and forge for example and carpentry). Shall we meet again if CM does another contest next year?

And of course, if I travel to Brazil, it will be a privilege to meet/know you! You are most welcome to my humble house if you should pass through Cancun also. Obrigado.


Si Maciel, tambien he visto y admirado tu ultimo mod "Skull", y lo que estas haciendo ahora es en la direccion correcta--una mejora con tu obra de arte "Morphius". Seria muy interesante saber cual sera tu próximo proyecto.

Por mi parte, dejare de hacer "naves espaciales" y este grupo de materiales en favor de otros adonde tengo habilidades no probadas en modding (doblado de lamina y forja, por ej. y carpintería). ¿Nos volvemos a ver aca el próximo año si CM realiza otro concurso?

Por supuesto, si viajo a Brasil, ¡seria un honor/gusto de conocerte! Eres mas que bienvenido en mi humilde hogar si te das la vuelta por Cancún. Obrigado.


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Returning to the subject. after painting Morphius the time is now to open the front to the cooler that will appear out of focus of the belly, and allowing a good cooling and air inlet of the cooler 120 mm which are exposed.

Voltando ao assunto. depois de pintar MORPHIUS a hora agora é de abrir a parte da frente para que aparaça o cooler de destaque saindo da barriga, e permitindo um bom arrefecimento e captação de ar dos cooler 120 mm que ficarão expostos.

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Eita porra.. :shock: Por essa eu nao esperava aeueaihaeihaeiuaehiuahauieh mas pelo q eu te conheço, ira ficar ótimo.. manda bala ae Maciel ;D

Abraçaoo :D

Oh Goshh.. :shock: For that I did not expect auhauhauhauha but which I know you, will be very good .. continue with the ups Maciel..

Hugs :D

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Hmmm...Maciel, do you have more photos of your processes? I don't mind, in your case, seeing a lot more than what you are showing. Sometimes, it is not clear, in my mind at least, what exactly you did. A lot of the things you accomplished are close to revolutionary (for ex. the clamp you used to fix your power source, where did you get it and why did you use it). Do you remember my question on how you got the fiberglass shell from the clay mold (sorry, it may be something you may not want others to copy..some tricks are unique and are not the privy of others to know, I understand)? What I'm getting at is that, what you may consider as things that others can learn from you, can you give a little more detail?

As a "scratch" modder, I can fully appreciate what you have done and would like to learn from you what you can.


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