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MORPHIUS -2009 Mod Contest Entry-finished BRODER


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Hmmm...Maciel, do you have more photos of your processes? I don't mind, in your case, seeing a lot more than what you are showing. Sometimes, it is not clear, in my mind at least, what exactly you did. A lot of the things you accomplished are close to revolutionary (for ex. the clamp you used to fix your power source, where did you get it and why did you use it). Do you remember my question on how you got the fiberglass shell from the clay mold (sorry, it may be something you may not want others to copy..some tricks are unique and are not the privy of others to know, I understand)? What I'm getting at is that, what you may consider as things that others can learn from you, can you give a little more detail?

As a "scratch" modder, I can fully appreciate what you have done and would like to learn from you what you can.


Papang will show what you asked me, but if I get placed piece by piece than I did in CASEMOD, I JUST PUTTING THE SHOW him in 2012, KKK therefore created a worklog with the most interesting, not to be sickening, But I will show you how did I do to secure the source!


Papang irei mostrar o que você me pediu, mas se eu ficar colocando pedaço por pedaço do que eu fiz nesse CASEMOD , SÓ VOU ACABAR DE MOSTRAR ele em 2012,KKK por isso criei um worklog com as partes mais interessantes , para nao ficar enjoativo, porém irei mostrar a você como foi que eu fiz para prender a fonte!


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too...much...information! what's been seen cannot be unseen.

this is one heck of a mod it should be banned. lol

i love the details of the sculpture you really got the details. awesome detailing. you got one heck of a patience to mold this baby of yours. rock on!

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well here is already the body of Morphius just waiting to receive the hardware, the shores of Morphius was a good choice as the basis for all parts!

bem aqui já esta o corpo de MORPHIUS esperando apenas receber os hardwares , as costas de MORPHIUS foi uma boa opção servir de base para todas as peças !

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Papang created this plugin to the source to be able to hold her in the back of Morphius, that was how I realized! hugs!

PAPANG criei esse encaixe para a fonte para poder prender ela nas costas de MORPHIUS, foi assim que eu realizei! abraços!

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