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PROJECT LUNAR SERENITY - CM 2009 Modding Contest - Completed


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I am blinded by so much light! Heheh, kidding, the front turned out awesome! Kudos, Asgneto again.

Cheers and Saludos

The pictures taken with slow shutter capture too much light... the front was well lit, but not too excessively.

Perhaps in the video the light effect becomes a little more realistic.


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wow! I like the white fans!

good luck sir!

Thanks vin621 !!!

They are very bright and quiet...

Good evening Sir asgneto,

At last I saw all the pictures... (remember I have a very jurassic DSL internet provider here)

Really great bro, in white... really lovable, I was waiting for that acrylic front panel - it's a killer !


More power Bro asgneto!

Thanks sunny !!!

Unfortunately the CM forum does not include automatic resizing of images.

I'm trying to reduce and compress as much as possible all the photos reaching the limits of good quality, but I can't always get files so small.

More power for US Bro !

The Lunar Serenity is taking shape, very nice Tino, I'm watching, and I found these really cool PC case fans, congratulations!

Thanks Dj Penn !!!!

I'm glad to know that you are following and enjoying my work!

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Earlier today I received another box sent by WAZ.


I was a little impressed with the larger size of the box, but after opening it, was only joy!

Inside the big box I found a Gainward GTX275 896MB Golden Sample sent to substitute my old 8600GTS.



Unfortunately, as the internal space of SOLAR STORM wasn't designed for a VGA of that size (yes, it is huge ... are 2 of 80mm fans side by side plus heatsink for both sides) I will have to wait for the LUNAR SERENITY be ready for testing the performance of this card.


I want to thank the GAINWARD for this important contribution to my project.

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